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Are you feeling called to burn it all down and prepare for a rebirth of your 
business (and yourself) with a tribe of women ready to witness your liberation?

Step into your place as a BOLD, soulful feminine leader who creates great impact in the world through your gifts while honoring the sacred ancient medicine of circle.

Women are being initiated, will you be one of them?

Sacred Circle Mastery invites awakened women to deepen into the impact of circle work and connect with a sisterhood of bold changemakers. Our journey together begins NOW.

In this 10-month priestessmind (much more divine than a mastermind), you get to fully come to understand sacred circle as an embodiment of the Divine Feminine in a way that challenges you to rise up and create change on a global level. Are you feeling called to burn it all down and prepare for a rebirth of your business (and yourself) with a tribe of women ready to witness your liberation? 

No longer are you willing to play small and be unheard, but rather, stand in your own potency and expand your business in service of the greater collective. It's time to be divinely compensated and make some real money!

Circles have been used throughout time to represent unlimited possibilities - love with no beginning and no end. A symbol of power, strength, hope, dreams, honor, and community.

Sacred Circle Mastery is a dedicated space where your inner and outer edges collapse onto one another to strengthen your resolve and expand your capacity beyond what your mind can comprehend.

You will receive intuitive and practical guidance from myself and other radiant women who already love you fully and completely and who see you as the badass goddess you are destined to become. 

You will learn how to use Sacred Earth Medicine rituals and tools to shaman your path.

As a collective, we are devoted to each others joy, spiritual unfolding, and inspired flight through this beautiful world.

Let us mastermind, or shall I say priestessmind, as we work on our businesses, our craft, our services, and our devotion.

For the Divine Priestesses who are really ready to rock the sh*t out of their business and life. 
There are two in-person retreats that will be 3 nights/4 days retreat will include accommodations, meals created by an amazing chef, and sacred experiences. One additional day-long retreat is included for our Australian sisters in Melbourne.

(Each 4-Day Retreat is valued at $7,500)
Ginny Muir
My reverence for Sora, and all that she is, grows more with each day I know her. 

Her tireless devotion to creating a world where women experience themselves -- and each other-- as magic inspires and astounds me. She never stops serving, never stops creating, never stops weaving the web of golden threads that connects powerful women to one another (and to the planet, and to the mystery). 

But here's the best part: that tirelessness is actually pure life force fire. This work is no longer "work" for her. As she resurrects this new paradigm of sisterhood from its ancient roots, Sora is fully in her flow. She knows who she is. She knows what she's here to do. She is living her sacred service, and it is so integrated into her being it seeps out of her pores. It is a gift, an honor and an activating force to be in the presence of such embodied leadership. She elevates me. She elevates all the women she comes into contact with. Without ever looking down at anyone. 

Quite simply, to sit beside Sora as a client, a colleague or a friend is mysterious and powerful. She's got the Thing. The tapped-in, multidimensionally-connected, wisdom-soaked, Truth-revealing THING. Magic happens in her circles. The quantum field is listening. She has a way of Seeing that will sneak up on you and knock your socks off. She can take a group of strangers and create authentic, heart-open, healing connection in under an hour. She can read, track and shift the energy of a single human or a room full of them without batting an eye. 

I love how she blends confidence and humble grace. How she firmly but lovingly midwifes women into a remembering of who they really are. I've seen it happen. It has happened to me. Held in her gaze, women really, truly REMEMBER. 

Her style of leadership is entirely unique to her: feminine and fierce, innovative and ancient, soft and unwavering, mystical and practical, powerful and full of laughter. She is always ready with that insanely addictive giggle and yet... she does NOT mess around. 

I adore her and feel immense gratitude every single day of this life to call her sister, teacher, co-creator, beloved friend.

I am so honored to have these gorgeous, brilliant, soulful sisters sharing their wisdom with you.

Julie Parker :: Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy :: Divine Priestess Leadership
Lola Medicine Keeper :: Founder, Wild Playground :: Shamaning Your Path
Tiffany Scott :: Founder, You Me She Collective :: Creating In-Demand Brands
Phoenix Murantz :: Founder, Awakened Woman Convergence :: Impacting Global Change

If your body is tingling, your heart is open, your stomach is in knots, 
and your soul says YESthen I invite you to fill out the Sacred Circle Mastery application.

At the start of Mastery you will receive a Sacred Medicine Kit in the mail. 
In addition, you will receive gifts at each retreat including a gorgeous mala necklace
Each sacred tool has been intentionally chosen to support you with your business, relationship to circle, in celebration of sisterhood, and in honor of Pachamama and the Shamanic Earth Medicine practices we will be participating in. 

It is important that you are learning to clear your blocks and rewrite your agreements. 
You will be gifted kinesiology sessions with an amazing healer. 

Intuitive Mapping Session
Together we shall drop into the cosmic realms and bring forth information that supports your becoming. We then intuitively map out where you are now and where you are heading.
There is a different way to lead. You feel it, deep down, that there is a better, more authentic way to create a thriving business.

Who’s to say that we, as wise women, cannot define and embody leadership qualities in an entirely different way? 

It's time to create wealth, increase your capacity to receive, and enjoy being valued for your gifts.

Soulful feminine leadership requires us to step up and into our community with vulnerability. We bring all of ourselves fully and share not only our knowledge and devotion, but also our challenges and, ultimately, our deeper understanding. 

We do not always navigate life perfectly. That is the brilliance of being human. But what if during times of imperfection, we asked for help and support from our tribe? 

How life would be so colorful and robust when others step up and in and share their own unique gifts to hold the continuous motion of the circle.

Let us do our deepest inner work in the 10 months we are together. While we understand ourselves in a completely different way, we can define leadership and embody its core energy with grace. 

This may just ripple into our community and create movement that we, as change-makers, desire to see.

Dear soul sister,

I love you. I love everything about you. I love the exterior beauty that resides for the world to see. I love the interior layers that you openly share with only your close friends and family members. I love the hidden rooms that are tucked away in the most deep, complex layers of your system that not many (including yourself) have been invited to explore. I love the little boxes of treasures that lie within those rooms that unlock the truest gems that are part of your soul.

Will you allow myself and the other sisters in Sacred Circle Mastery to witness you taking the beautiful steps in unlocking all of yourself? This is unlike any other mastermind, instead a deeply held Shamanic Priestessmind. 

Will you be open to seeing and experiencing the miracles that occur when you say a deep YES to healing, service, gratitude, and sisterhood? 

Will you commit to making deep impact in your community through transformational circle work?

I see you. I feel you. I love you. 
It's time, sister. 
Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business?
We begin NOW.
Cora Poage
When I feel into you dear Sora, I sense fire, passion, and drive. I love how you are so inspired by that which desires to be birthed through you and that you follow the flow of the energy through devotion to action and follow through. I witness you embodying the energy of a giant oak tree with roots deeply grounded in Mama Gaia and Earth Medicine and branches reaching up into the sky connecting with all the angelic and ethereal realms as well.

You are Magic Embodied. You create a space that is SO ripe and free and filled with such acceptance and love. In the space that you hold we are all invited to rise into the most vibrant, authentic, and Love filled versions of ourselves that exists. You are also deeply courageous and willing to move through fear, resistance, and any doubts in devotion to what is moving you to be born in the world.

You create sisterhood and ohana (Hawaiian word for family) everywhere you go where we all feel included, valued, and connected. Witnessing you facilitating circles is watching a conductor leading the most magical symphony. And each of us feels seen, heard, and understood.

Thank you for seeing me for inspiring me for reaching in to my soul and helping mirror back to me who I really am. Who I have always been. You are a multi-dimensional powerhouse thriving on this earthly plane, and you remind me that I can do and be that also.
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